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A collection of annotated figures and plates capturing different aspects of the traditional Sudanese health culture. Several items are reproduced from the Wellcome Laboratory Reports (1908-1913), early publications on social anthropology, and field research conducted or directed by the author. Mr. Al Tayib Muhammad Al Tayib and Dr. Amir Ali Hasan have contributed the plates covering Northern Sudan shrines and healers. The zar musical scores are courtesy of Musicologist Mr. Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah whose research work was solicited by the author. The Berti love charms and amulets are reproduced from Abdullahi Osman El Tom Ph.D. dissertation on Berti. The Nuba athlete, Kau and Keduru girls and women are reproduced from Hogenstall: The People of Kau. Plates with facial scarring are reproduced from Yusuf Fadl: Al Shulukh.

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