A rare collection of annotated figures and plates capturing traditional health culture in the Sudan. Visitors are cordially asked to enrich this collection by donating any photograph they might have.


Arabic alphabet lists (Figure 10)

Love charm (Figure 13)

Showing the construction of a khatim (seal)

Love charm (Figure 37)

Love charm (Figure 38)

The Magical square (Figure 7)

Amulets from Kordofan (plate 1)

Kitabs, hijabs and waraqas collected in Kordofan by R.G. Anderson early 1900. Nevertheless, they represent those used all over Muslim Sudan. Plate includes:

Charms in Kordofan (Plate 2)

Items collected by R.G. Anderson (c1900) including barad (hail), green stone, blood stone, ferous (turguoise), etc.

Nyam Nyam and Gour charms-1 (Plate 3)

Items collected by R.G. Anderson (c1900) including: Ivory armlet, Gour tooth necklace, leather waist girdle, tortoise-shell on a brass ring, etc.

Nyam Nyam and Gour charms-2 (Plate 4)

Items collected by R.G. Anderson (c1900) including salt and drug horn, Gour whistles, Oracle of divining board, witchdoctor’s knife, Giraffe hairs, etc

Kederu women amulets (Plate 5)

Blending with ornaments.

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