A rare collection of annotated figures and plates capturing traditional health culture in the Sudan. Visitors are cordially asked to enrich this collection by donating any photograph they might have.

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Khalwa Pupils

Washing Quranic plates in maseed Wad Al Faki Ali in Berber Al Halfa

Khalwa Quranic School

In Wad Al Faki Ali Maseed, Berber Al Halfa

Splints Applied to Forearm

Cupping the Nape

Using a cupping horn.

Basir Muhammad Wad Abd Al Baqi

applying cautery needle, Dammar, April 1983.

Basir Muhammad Wad Abd Al Baqi

Cauterizing the head, April 1983.

Muzaiyna (Hair Cutter)

In Abbashar Abu Bashariya shrine in Berber Futuar, April 1983.

Sample Scores of Zar Music

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