The main general objective of the traditional medicine programme is to promote and support the use, development and adaptation of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative technologies and the proper use of medicinal drugs, appropriate for specific national systems and institutions.



Incorporation of TM in the general health system
To promote and support the incorporation of traditional practitioners, where applicable, and useful traditional practices into the general system for delivering health care.
And promote the integration of valuable knowledge, attitudes, and skills in traditional medicine including appropriate foreign technologies (e.g., acupuncture) into the existing health delivery system.


Research in TM
To evaluate traditional practices
in the light of modern science, in order to identify and maximize use of those that are safe and effective and discourage the harmful and negative.


Training in TM
To upgrade the skills and knowledge of traditional practitioners and to incorporate useful practices into the training programmes of other health workers.


Draw up a national policy
To stimulate, organize and direct multi-disciplinary research in traditional medicine in the Sudan.


Relate programmes of research to the country’s general policies and its socio-cultural needs.

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