In the Muslim Sudan (in this context, any place where there is a Muslim community, and not to any geographical region in particular), the Quran has also influenced the type and content of most techniques, because, for the Muslim, the divine words of the Holy Book are a sure means of help whenever invoked. Thus, it has always been believed that to commit some or all the text of the Quran to memory, is a deed of piety and righteousness, and a way to assure permanent protection. Failing that, the book or at least part of it must be kept handy in one’s house or vehicle for protection. Selected verses are written on a slate and washed off with liquid which is then drunk, or written on paper which is lit and used to incense the body. In most Muslim countries, selected verses of the Quran, beautifully written or reproduced, are sold as works of art that are believed to bless the place they are kept in, besides being decorative. Parts of the Holy Book are recited by individuals or groups on different occasions in pursuit of a holy blessing.



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