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 Who Needs a Consultation?

Do you want a consultation?

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Who Needs a Consultation?


ou might be doing a thesis, or writing a book on a subject in this field or you are excited about the field and want to establish the discipline in your school of medicine or pharmacy, or you would like to establish an independent Department of Medical Anthropology, Medical Folklore, or you want to establish a Museum of Health Care Culutre. But you're not exactly sure what to do next.

Since 1982, I have worked with researchers, medical schools, students, graduate students as well as seasoned Principal Investigators, at all levels of sophistication, on projects of all sizes in this field, & have been involved in every phase of research projects from conception through publication of the finished research. If you'd like to put this expertise to work for you, give me a call today.

I offer help with all phases of research, including:

bulletchoosing a manageable topic
bulletdeveloping a preliminary proposal (Writing a proposal)
bulletunderstanding past research (Bibliography)

Do you want a consultation?     

If your are reading this section, you are most probably would welcome to educate and empower youself to be more culturally competent and approach this field with more sophistication and confidence.

Expert help can save a good deal of wasted effort.
In this service, I offer assistance with conceptualization, planning, and execution of research in traditional Sudanese medicine. I offer you expertise needed to reach your goals more efficiently.

·         Before we start working together, I am also happy to consult briefly at no charge over the phone or in person to determine how I might best help you and to give you a sense of my approach.
Generally, you should allow 2 hours for an initial consultation. In this time, we will discuss your project, your goals, and your expectations in seeking my services. I will provide you with an initial estimate of how much consulting time would be required to reach your goals.

Methods of Payment

·         Consultation fees for scheduled meetings

$ 60.00/Hour

·         Initial consultation visit (lasting 2-3 hours)

$ 40.00/Hour

·         Email Hourly consultation fees (Questions sent by e-mail answered within 72 hours).

$ 50.00/Hour


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