Garingan.  Unidentified taxonomic name.Bulb of root dried and powdered with cinnamon bark, and used as decoction) as stimulant.

Gazar. Carrot. Daucus carota.

Vegetable used for food.

Gharb Al-Wadi.  Veronica amygdalina Del.

A pubescent shrub or small tree. Root used in treating abdominal disorders, skin disease, swellings, as anti-spasmodic, and poultice.

Ghasoul.  Salicornia sp.

Fumigation assortment including the plant (patient bathes in rijla water before exposure), probably imported from India. Whole herb mixed with fakouk and bakhur al-taiman. Used mainly to avert the evil eye and the evil spirits.

Gheleighla; Um Gheleighla; Um Gheleila; Um Ghalighil, and Maghlila (Nuba).  Astrochlaena lachnosperma (Choisy)Hall.f. and Astripomoea lachnosperma (Choicy)Meeuse.

Small, yellow, aromatic seeds (decoction) used as tonic, anti-cough, for treatment of flatulence and colic, in managing fever and as an oxytocic.

Ghobbaish.  Guiera senegalensis J.F. Gmel.

A grey tomentose shrup. Leaves used in treating diabetes mellitus, leprosy, fever, and as anti-emetic.

Ghrur.  Unidentified taxonomic name.

Root (powdered and sprinkled on ulcers), and used in treating wounds and syphilis.

Gilliban. Chickling vetch. Lathyrus sativus L.

Used for water purification.


Friable rock obtained from Jebel Otoro and other sites in Nuba Region. Constituents: Talcose Serpentive (a decomposed granite). Crushed in water and used to paint the bodies of adolescent at ceremony of "Cutting the Gir" among the Nuba.

Girjir. Garden rocket. Eruca sativa Miller.

An exclusively salad item. Seeds, leaves, juice and ointment, claimed to aid hair growing on bald heads. Main uses include treatment of burns, as aphrodisiac, diuretic, and emmenogogue.


Inhaled by vagrant kids for 'kicks'.

Goro (Nigerian). Kola nut. Cola acuminata  (Pal.) Schott & Endl.

Imported from Nigeria and exclusively used by Nigerians. Seeds used as a tonic and aphrodisiac.

Goze Al-Tib. Nutmeg. Myristica fragrans Houtt.

Imported from India. Seeds (added to milk or tea, for treatment kernel crushed and added to water), used as flavouring agent, spice, perfume ingredient, as well as in treating impotence, joints affections, and chest complaints.

Grape fruit. Grapefruit. Citrus paradisi.

Parts used: fruits.

Gulungan; Kholongan, and Ghorungal. Galangal. Alpinia galanga L.//Alpinia officinarum Hance.

Imported from India and China. Rhizome and root used as anti-cough, flavouring agent, in treating common cold and chest complaints.

Gum (sumq) of different varieties.

Tapped from Hashab, Sunut, and Talh (talha hamra and talha baida) trees, and used in treating chest complaints, cough and tonsillitis.