Faham. Charcoal.

Usually charred (powdered) and used sometimes for surgical dressing.

Faki Bila-Dawaya. 'A holy man without an inkstand'. Unidentified taxonomic name.

Small shrub around al-Obeid. Root worn, chewed, sniffed, or burnt. Used in averting the evil eye, evil spirits, and as fumigation ingredient.


Fumigation assortment for which the patient bathes in rijla water before exposure. Constituents mixed with ghasoul and bakhur al-taiman. Mainly used to avert the evil eye.

Fashfash Al-Baqara. Cow's lung.

Pieces of lung of a cow that died recently of cowpox are cut and embedded in incisions in the skin of healthy cows for protection by variolation against the disease.

Fashfash Al-Tumsah. Crocodile's lung.

Used in treating allergies.


Fermented fish. Special types of Nile fish namely `kass' and `kawwara' are salted and fermented.

Fasulia 'Arida. Butter bean; lima bean. Phaseolus lunatus L.

Fasulia Baida. Haricot bean. Phaseolus vulgaris L.

Seeds used in water purification.

Feterita. Millet. S. Candatum feterita.


Fijil. Garden radish. Raphanus sativus L.

Leaves, root, seeds used  in treating dabas in addition to being food.

Filfil Aswad and Filfil Abiyad. Black pepper. Capsicum annuum L. and Piper nigrum L.

Imported from Egypt and cultivated locally. All parts of fruit except outer cover (black pepper) are used as spice. Remainder of fruit is filfil abiyad.

Fornono.  Unidentified taxonomic name.

A plant obtained from Herban. Parts used: twig; gall; fruit.

Frowla. Strawberry. Fragaria chiloensis.


Ful Masri. Bean; broad bean. Vicia faba L.

Fruit is a popular food item and for purifying water powder suspension is poured through strainer over turbid.

Ful Soya. Soyabean seeds. Glycine max.

Seeds and oil.

Ful Sudani. Earth nut; groundnuts; peanut. Arachis hypogaea L.

Seeds, oil used for food, producing oil and in water purification.


Milk native butter: curdled milk is shaken in skins until it gathers at the mouth of the skin. Some is offered to children, but mostly fried to make samin (ghee), mixure with honey is a reputable aphrodisiac.

Furundu (Darfur) and Kunafa (Nuba Mountains).

Fermented food made of karkade in Darfur and Nuba Mountains. Karkade seeds are crushed to fine powder, 'atroun (or waikab) and water added and mixed to squeeze oil out. The paste is incubated for 10 days until fungal growth is seen, then it is mixed again for 2 days. It is consumed like kawal in Darfur (mullah furundu), or mixed with dura or dukhun dough as nasha, madida or luqma in Nuba Mountains.