Edgab (Hadandawa).  Aerva lanata (L.)Schultes and Achyranthes lanata L.

Pubescent annual herb. Branches used as adecoction for the treatment of headache.

Equatoria Fish Poisons.  Mundulea sericea  (Willd.)A.Chev. and Mundulea suberosa (DC.)Benth.

Wild or cultivated plant. Branches, seeds and leaves as a fish poison and an agent of homicide.

Erkab.  Unidentified taxonomic name.

Seeds of a plant obtained from Gardud Awlad Hamied in Kordofan.

Erkawit and Tattas (Hadandawa).  Dodonaea viscosa Jacq.; Dodonaea angustifolia L.f., and Ptelea viscosa L.

Shrub or small tree. Branches used in fumigation for joints pain.

Eue de Cologne.  

Citrus oil in alcohol ingested by adults as an alternative to alcoholic beverages.