Yam.  Dioscorea dumetorum (Kunth)Pax.

Common wild plant, occasionally cultivated. Tubers frequently consumed during famines though poisonous.

Yanson. Anise; Aniseed. Piminella anisum L.

A cultivated annual herb imported from Egypt. Seeds, fruit, and oil used as spices, beverages, carminative, aromatic, and in treating diarrhoea, chest complaints, flatulence, colic, and as oxytocic, and flavouring agents.

Yoab (Hadandawa).  Euphorbia cuneata Vahl.

Semi-desert and mountainous slopes glaborous branched shrub. Whole used in chest pain and complaints, as fumigation ingredient.

Yousifi. Mandarin. Citrus deliciosa.

Fruit used as food.