Ud Al-Hind; Ud um abiyad, and Irq Al-Teeb. Orris. Iris germanica.

This is a root or rhizome imported from India and Syria, and which has a nice smell. It is also hard and smooth, and therefore does not break and injure the gum when given to the baby to suck instead of its thumb. The root is also a known antispasmodic and anti-flatulent when given to children to teething.

Ud Al-Salib.  Unidentified taxonomic name.

Imported from Egypt, main use as hujab (amulet) to keep women faithful.

Ud Bakhur.  Unidentified taxonomic name.

Imported from Hijaz. Stem used as fumigation ingredient.

Ud Qarh; Ud Qarha, and Aqir Qarha (Arabic).  Cucurbita pepo L.

A plant imported from Egypt. Used in treating swelling and as toothache analgesic.

Ud Tartos and Tartos.  Cynomorium coccineum L.

Root (powdered and applied to wounds), and used in treating gangrine and dysentery.

Ud and Udiya. Aloe wood.Aquilaria agallocha Roxb.

Wood used in treating syphilis.

Um Abaka.  Gardenia lutea Fresen. and Gardenia ternifolia Schumach. & Thonn. subsp. jovis-tonantis (Welw.)Aubrev. var. jovis-tonantis (Welw.)Aubrev.

Obtained from Gardud Awlad Himaid. Root (taken with takirni root) used as anthelminthic.

Um Shakka.  

Fermented bread made of dura in northern Kordofan.

Um Shara and Dabkar.  Trichillia emetica Vahl.

Wild plant. Bark and wood used in making furniture. A poisonous item used as an emetic.

Um Sheera.  Ipomoea pilosa (Roxb.)Sweet and Ipomoea arachnosperma Welw.

Wild twining herb. Root used to treat abdominal disorders.

Um Shutur.  Cegilia (?).

A fish poison.

Um Shuwaika; 'Ussar (Hadandawa), and Abu Shuwaika.  Fagonia cretica L.

Semi-desert spinescent woody annual herb. Used whole in treating heartburn and swellings, and as poultice.

Um Tuqulqul and Tilliem.  Vitex doniana Sweet, Hort. Brit.

A deciduous savanna tree. Root and bark used in treating inflammation and bilharzia.

Usfur and Qurtum. Safflower; Kartum. Carthamus tinctorius L.

A bright yellow minute flower used as dye and for decoction. The plant has thorny leaves that give yellow colour to the skin specially when added to dukhkhan (ritual fumigation). It is also used for treating inflammation of the eye, and as oil source.

Ushar; Kursi Al-Nabi (flower), and Baras (Hadandawa). Sodom apple; Dead sea apple fruit. Calotropis procera (Ait.)Ait.f.

A wild shrub or small tree. Latex (deposited on cotton wool and inserted into vagina); stem (inserted per vaginum); flower; leaves; bark; seeds; fruits (solution injected rectally in gonorrhoea); stem (necklace to protect children against diphtheria in Wadi Halfa); hair remover for animals. Used in treating eye infection, jaundice, ringworm, skin disease, gonorrhoea, sugar source, a poison used in infanticide and homicide, and abortifacient, and arrow poison mainly used in elephant hunting, as narcotic used as marisa additive, as diuretic, laxative, purgative, anti-dote against scropion bite, and as fertility symbol.