Na'na'. Peppermint; mint. Mentha x piperita L.; Mentha viridis (L.)L., and Mentha spicata L.

Leaves of an aromatic herb used for its nice aroma in tea and foold. Also used as carminative and anti-flatulent.

Nabaq; Sidir, and Qarat (Hadandawa). The Christ's thorn; the lore-tree. Ziziphus spina-christi L.

A thorny shrub or tree, wild and cultivated locally. Fruits (nabaq), bark, root used in treating wounds, cough, diarrhoea, leprosy, gonorrhoea, as laxative, purgative, mouth wash, anthelmintic, anti-snake bite, and anti-spasmodic.


A winter beverage in Dongola Region. Dura malt is added (in a piece of cloth) to fermented dates syrup, sealed in earthenware for 3-4 days and burried in the ground for fermentation.

Nadiana.  Plumbago zeylanica L.

A glabrous herb. Whole plant used in treating leprosy.

Nakhwa Al-Hindiya.  

Imported from India. Seeds mixed with honey and milk and used to anoint penis as prophylaxis against soft sores after coitus during menses. Used as laxative, purgative, and in treating gonorrhoea.

Nal.  Cymbopogon nervatus (Hochst.)Chiov.

Leaves and stalks used to flavour water.

Nasha and Madida.  

Drikable dura paste or thin porridge made of dura or millet.

Nim.  Azadirachta indica A.Juss.

Tree imported from India. Stem, bark; leaves, used for poultice and applied for the treatment of Abu-Diqnan Dayira (mumps); frayed twigs are used as tooth brushes. Also used also in treating malaria and dabas, as insect repellent, and anti-lice.

Nimlol.  Unidentified taxonomic name.

A plant used in Herban, Kordofan Region. Parts used: stem.

Nirwan.  Unidentified taxonomic name.

A plant obtained from Herban. Parts used: twig.

Noro.  Unidentified taxonomic name.

Parts used: root; corn.

Nuba Kartilla.  

Stratified crystal concentrate obtained from Jebel Otoro of Nuba Mountains. Constituents: Sand and clay, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Sulphate and Iron Oxide.