Ihlil Al-Tumsah.  

Crocodile's penis!. Used as aphrodisiac.



Cassia nigricans Vahl, Symb.

An annual shrub. Aerial parts used in treating abodominal disorders.


Irq al-Abiyad; Abu Abiyad, Turaiha.

'White root'. Pterocarpus lucens Guill. & Perr. A root and stem obtained in Talodi in Kordofan, sometimes designed to protect children against the evil eye when worn. Also used in treating syphilis.


Irq Al-Aghbash

'Grey root'. A root of unidentified taxonomic name.


Irq Al-Ahmar

'Red root'. A root of unidentified taxonomic name.


Irq Al-Aswad

'Black root'. A root of unidentified taxonomic name.


Irq Al-Awaiy

Saba florida (Benth.). A glabrous herb. Leaves used in treating abdominal disorders.


Irq Al-Dabib, Abu 'Asal

'Snake root'; Abu 'asal. Root of a tree. Root is called Abu 'asal (literally, honey root). Used as anti-dote against echis bites.


Irq Al-Dahab

Cephaelis ipecacuanha (Brot.)Tussac. Imported from Brazil through Egypt. Root (Irq Al-Dahab) literally 'gold root'. Used in treating dysentery and as emetic.


Irq Al-Damm

'Blood root'. Achyranthes aspera L. Used in hunting hippos. Root (Irq Al-Damm) literally means 'blood root'.


Irq Al-Halawa. 'Sweet root'. Unidentified taxonomic name. Imported from Egypt. Root rubbed up in water and drunk. literally 'sweet root'. Used in treating flatulence and colic.


Irq Al-Hasud

A root of unidentified taxonomic name, obtained in Talodi in Kordofan.


Irq Al-Jibbain; Jibbain; Manyoab (Hadandawa); 'Ain Al-Baqar (Arabic), Al-Ithma (Arabic)

'Snake root'; 'curdling root'. Solanum incanum L. and Solanum dubium Fresen. Root used as anti-dote against snake bites.


Irq Al-Kujur

'Kujur root'. A root of unidentified taxonomic name used in treating gonorrhoea.


Irq Al-Mahabba, Abu Tamra

A root of unidentified taxonomic name, rubbed on face to attract love of the other sex and hence its main uses are aphrodisiac, impotence treatment and as a tonic.


Irq Al-Nal

Waltheria indica L. A grey tomentose herb. Root and leaves used as anti-spasmodic, in treating abdominal disorders, as an analgesic in toothache, tonic, in treating joints affections, diarrhoea, and ulcers.


Irq Al-Nar

'Fire root'. Euphorbia spp. Root used in treating purulent wounds, leprosy, syphilis, common cold, burns, and as toothache analgesic.


Irq Al-Sos

Licorice. Glycyrrhiza glabra L. Imported from Egypt. Root used in treating carious teeth, and as beverage.


Irq Al-Tahina; Dawa Al-Samak, Tahina

Tephrosia vogelii Hook.f. Fish poison root in Equatoria Region. Cultivated shrub. Seeds, leaves; branches and root used also as insecticide, molluscicide, and arrow poison.


Irq Al-Tais

Tephrosia uniflora Pers. An erect annual herb. Root used in treating toothache and as a tonic.


Irq Al-Wata

'Earth root'. A root of unidentified taxonomic name dug out of earth, white in colour. Root (possibly) is used in treating bahaq.


Irq Ansabra

Unidentified taxonomic name. Root used as amulet.


Irq Banda

Unidentified taxonomic name. Could be habl banda (pumpkin root) which is credited with anti-magic qualities. Root used in homicide and infanticide.


Irq Qaqqa

Unidentified taxonomic name. Possibly same as qanqan. Rroot sometimes mixed with cammoun aswad and tou. Used in homicide, infanticide, as fumigation ingredient, and in exorcising the evil eye.


Ishba, Khashaba

Smilax Spp. Imported from Egypt, India and Maghrib. Used in treating syphilis and a tonic.