Nuba patens

Worn for protection against guinea worm infestation while wading in ponds (c. 1900)

Al-Sakkin (arm knife) Figure 17

A surgical kit carrying in its sheath needles, murwad, munqash, samandia, and masalla, together with charms, etc

A historical rakwa (Ablution jar) and maqlouba (prayer mat) (Figure 29)

In Wad Al-Faki Ali shrine, Berber Al-Halfa, April 198.

Euwa divining board (Figure 9)

Common among the Azande.

Nyam Nyam doctors’ fee (Plate 6)

Poisoned arrows, tobacco pipe, poisoned arrows, etc.

Surgical Instruments of Kordofan (Plate 7)

Instruments collected by in Kordofan by R.G. Anderson early 1900: Al-Samandia, Al-Saleeha, Al-Fas, Al-Lazim, Al-Kamaia, Al-Ishfa, Al-Murwad, Al-Risha, Al-Mikhray, etc.

Surgical instruments, charms, from Dinka, Shulluk, and Burun (Plate 8)

Ethnographical specimens collected by Dr. MacTier Pirrie in: Vallance, DJ. Notes on the ethnographical specimens collected by Fr. A. MacTier Pirrie. Wellcome Research Laboratories Reports; 1908, page 276: Burun iron instruments, Shulluk grass cutter, Dinka cupping instrument, Tooth of Warhog, Burun necklace, etc.

Arrows, spears, etc. from Shulluk, Nuer, Dinka, and Burun (Plate 9)