Personal particulars


Ahmad Al-Safi Ahmad

Date of Birth

16 December 1944





Marital Status

Married with four boys

Present Post

Consultant Anaesthesiologist and Head Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Arabian Oil Company Hospital, Al-Khafji 31971, Saudi Arabia

Senior Medical Officer, Medical Services Department, AOC.

Mailing Address

A.O.C. Hospital,

PBX 256

Al-Khafji 31971, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel & fax (Home) 966 (3) 7671671

Tel. (Office) 966 (3) 7660555 (ext. 4247)


    Passport Number


    Saudi Ministry of Health License

Licensed on 21/8/1409


    Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, Sudan


    Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, UK


    Nanjing College of Traditional Medicine, China



Arabic, English (Full command)


      MB, BS. (Khartoum)


      DA, RCP (London) and RCS (England)


      FFA, RCS. (England)


      Certificate of Acupuncture (Nanjing, China)


      FRCA (England)



      Sudan Medical Council


      British, General Medical Council


      New Foundland Medical Council (Canada)


      Saudi Council for Health Specialties


      Saudi Ministry of Health


Posts held

      Consultant Anaesthesiologist

1978 -

      Head, Department of Anaesthesia, Khartoum Teaching Hospital


      Consultant and Head, Department of Anaesthesia, AOC Hospital, Al-Khafji, Saudi Arabia

1988 to date

      Editor-in-Chief, Sudan Medical Journal (The Official Organ of Sudan Medical Association)


      Founding Director, Traditional Medicine Research Institute, National Council for Research, Sudan


      Director, World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Research in Traditional Medicine, East Mediterranean Region, Khartoum

1984 1988

      Consultant Anaesthetist & Senior Medical Officer, AOC Hospital, Al-Khafji, Saudi Arabia

1997- to date

Appointments and experiences in Anaesthesia

      Internship, Khartoum Teaching Hospital (KTH): The main referral hospital in Sudan, 1200 beds

Sep. 1971   Sep. 1972

      General Practitioner, Nyala Civil Hospital (200 beds general duty hospital) also worked as Senior Medical Officer, Jan. 1973 Oct. 1973

Sep. 1972 Oct. 1973

      Registrar in Anaesthesia, KTH

Oct. 1973 May 1974

      Registrar in Anaesthesia (Paid appointment), Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh (Scotland): Under (late) Professor JD Robertson,  MD, FRCPE, and FRCS. During this period attended the in-service training programmes in preparation f or examination of FFARCS and courses in advanced Anaesthesia. Joined the registrar rotational training scheme in the departments of the Royal Infirmary, and the Hospitals of the Lothian Health Board (Scotland) where I gained experience in:

      Anaesthesia for general surgery

      Anaesthesia for neuro-surgery

      Anaesthesia for paediatric surgery

      Anaesthesia for eye surgery

      Anaesthesia for ear, nose and throat surgery

      Anaesthesia for oral, facial and maxillary surgery

      Anaesthesia for orthopaedic and spine surgery

      Anaesthesia for cardiac (open and close) surgery

      Anaesthesia for thoracic surgery

      Anaesthesia for dental surgery

      Anaesthesia for Day-Stay Surgery

      Anaesthesia for Obstetrics and gynaecology

      Management of and Anaesthesia for acute surgical emergencies and cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation and flying squad services

      Management and experience in respiratory intensive care. The Unit in the Royal Infirmary gives prolonged assisted ventilation and intensive care services for all medical and surgical emergencies in the Lothian Region of Scotland.

12th May 1974 18th May 1977

Service commitments

1978-88: Anaesthetic services for all types of surgery and surgical emergencies in Khartoum Teaching Hospital (KTH). KTH (1200 beds) is the main referral hospital in Sudan for all medical, surgical, obstetric and gynaecologic, orthopaedic, urogenital, paediatric, ear, nose and throat, oral, dental and cardiothorcic surgery including open-heart surgery. It is also the main hospital for postgraduate, undergraduate and paramedical teaching and training. Anaesthesia activities include the following:

 a.  Postgraduate teaching and training in Anaesthesia. I shared regularly in the teaching and training of the candidates of the local Master of Anaesthesia, Khartoum and in all revision activities of the Anaesthesia curriculum since 1977. I designed and ran a weekly in-service programme for Ministry of Health registrars preparing for higher diplomas in Anaesthesia viz. FFARCS (England) since 1977.

 b.  Taught anaesthesia to undergraduate medical students, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum since 1977.

 c.  Taught anaesthesia to final students of the Higher Nursing College, Khartoum since 1977.



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